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Growing up in the Baraquio ‘ohana means:

“Nobody gets left behind.”

Part of the Baraquio ‘ohana experience is to share stories, music, and food — together. Most of all, they love to share the simple joys of life.

Living Local Beginnings

Throughout the childhood years of living on O’ahu, the Baraquio sisters have lived in many parts of the island. As such, the they have learned to appreciate Hawaii’s beauty and culture. Growing up in Palolo Valley,  Waialua, and later Moanalua Valley, their favorite activities included beach volleyball, hiking, surfing and playing music.
Since Angela, Rose, Bernadette and Tess were the closest in age, they practically did everything together. They attended the same high school and joined the same sports teams and clubs. They ran cross-country. Then, they played on the championship basketball team. And even later, they started their own girls’ rock band called High Tide. So when the show took off, it was very natural for the four sisters to host the pilot series together.


As a former TV news anchor and reporter, Bernadette Baraquio remembers having to cover many negative stories about crime, politics and social injustice. Although she loved the news business, her calling to tell more positive stories was stronger. She launched LIVING LOCAL TV in 2004 as Creative Director and Executive Producer of the show. And since then, she has stayed true to her promise of telling only the GOOD NEWS about her island home.

Of course, she needed help from her best friends, who happened to be her sisters! So she enlisted the help of Angela, Tess and Rose to help feature stories about their favorite people, places and things to do. Gloria later joined the team as well, telling stories from the island of Hawai’i. The show quickly became one of the top-rated local shows for women. Today, that tradition of broadcast excellence continues. Visitors will learn to appreciate the local culture and local residents will learn new ways of appreciating the place we live and love.


Living life, living love, LIVING LOCAL

Since 2004, the Baraquio ‘ohana has produced more than 200 episodes together. It is the winner of multiple Telly Awards for outstanding entertainment television, cinematography and cultural storytelling. Among the most fulfilling aspects of the show include stories about social justice and community service. Most importantly, the show highlights what it means to be ‘ohana (family).
LIVING LOCAL® is committed to telling only the GOOD NEWS about Hawaii. Our mission is to entertain, inform and inspire others through visual storytelling. We take pride in producing high-quality programming that stays true to our motto of “Making Good Television.” Mahalo for being a part of our BARAQUIO ‘ohana.